Howdy fellow human! My name is Brion Mario Piumal Silva, and I’m currently an undergraduate Software Engineering student at Informatics Institute of Technology, Sri Lanka. See the bubble head in the bellow picture, thats me 🙂 . I went to Holy Cross College, Kalutara since i finished my G.C.E.(A.L.) Examination back in 2012. I wanted to go abroad so badly so I applied for a UK visa. Meanwhile I started working as a Graphic Designer at Creative Marketing Solutions until my visa approves.

I moved to the United Kingdom in 2013 and spent nearly 3 years in London. That was undoubtedly the best three years of my life because I learnt a lot of life lessons. I was allergic to the fact of living alone for awhile but started to enjoy if once I got the hang of it. I worked in numerous places during those 3 years. I worked at KFC flipping burgers and at the till, worked as a CSA at British Petroleum and as a cashier at Londis.

I came back to Sri Lanka in December 2015 to do my undergraduate degree at IIT. And I’ve been with computers since age 11 and I had a pentium 4 back then which was basically like gold. As far as I can remember whenever someone ask me who i wanna become when I grow up,  I always said “A Software Engineer”.


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I’ve fallen in love with programming since I joined the degree program and I don’t personally like to call programming a science. As I believe writing code is like an art, a way of looking at things. For me, programming is a way of life.

I didn’t want to sit at a computer from 9 to 5 and do what the tech leads or the administration tells me for the rest of my life. I wanted to start my own company.

So I founded Aparecium Labs. It’s at the initial stage at the moment since I didn’t have much time to invest on it, but I’m planning to expand and develop the horizons in the near future. I took my startup to the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards (GSEA) and I was one of the 8 semifinalist.

So I have a long way ahead of me which is full of dreams and hopes and I believe that I have the capability to conquer them.